Hi, I'm Asha.

 I’m a self-professed behavioral science nerd with a serious penchant for morning routines. Dedicated to living a consistent and radically authentic life, I’m fueled by kanban boards, mindfulness, and chai tea.

I hold a doctorate degree in psychology, do academic & UX research, own two businesses, coach creatives, dabble in freelance UX writing, teach yoga and meditation in my local community, and still find time to fit in long runs and date nights, read 3-4 books a month, and get in a healthy dose of Netflix on the side each week.

Watch your thoughts,
They become words.
Watch your words,
They become actions.
Watch your actions,
They become habits.
Watch your habits,
They become character.
Watch your character,
It becomes your destiny.

Have you ever come across some variant of this motivational poster hanging on the wall of someone's office or maybe tacked on their fridge?

Mmhmm. You can find about 100,000 poster versions of it on Etsy. It’s been attributed to everyone from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Lao Tzu to Gandhi. (You know a quote has got that “timeless wisdom” catchiness when no one has a clue who really said it.)

The thing is, we hang these inspiring words everywhere and erroneously quote them after every philosopher and guru in history for a reason.

It’s important.

We know all about the power of our thoughts. We’ve got our affirmations, our scriptures and poetry, our TED talks, our moms.

We know all about the power of our actions. That “hell yes” feeling after we go to the gym, knock items off the to-do list, or finally ask that beautiful mysterious person we keep running into at our local coffee joint out on a date. We get that these things are central to who we are, what matters to us, what how our lives play out. We get it.

The elusive part, the part that keeps us up at night, the part that we stumble over again and again – is the habits.


The goal of this community is to make that part of the equation a little less slippery.

Consistency is the key word to continued success in life without burning out hard and fast. Cultivating a consistent and balanced workflow creates space, frees up time, and opens the doors in your brain, so that you can be more creative, more energized, and more engaged.

In addition to being a life coach, I’m a psychologist, and more specifically, a behaviorist. That means I study how human behavior works. Behaviorists break things down into their components so we can understand the whole picture better. I love this stuff. I’m a total nerd about this stuff.

So I know, firsthand, there is way too much STUFF out there. You can get lost in it. So how do we sift through the BS and take actionable steps towards developing strong and sustainable routines? How do we differentiate between the shiny distractions and the helpful tools?

That's where The Consistent Creative comes in.

Each week, I share effective techniques, cutting edge productivity hacks, and a healthy dose of motivation to help you make sustainable changes in your daily routines, develop systems for success, and increase your output – without the stress, doubt, and burn out. 

Your weekly dose of tips & tricks will include:


Mindset shifters and mini-rituals to get you motivated and high-vibe


Tried and true methods to create action plans and stick to them


Apps and systems that can help you reach your goals and stay on track


The latest psychological research on motivation, productivity, and habits


Have you checked out all of our free resources? From planner printables to step-by-step guides to develop new routines and habits, we’ve got everything you need. Head on over and download your heart out!

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Feeling burned out, scattered, or lost? If you feel ready to take the plunge and get the one-on-one coaching you need to trade in your burnout for a creative and joyful life, then apply and make the next quarter of the year your best one yet.

Creating a consistent lifestyle takes time and effort, and we are all special snowflakes on this planet, with our own quirks and needs. So try some of these things out, and don’t hesitate to reach out when you do. Let me know what worked. What bombed. What didn’t make sense. What made perfect sense. Where you stumbled, and where you triumphed. We’re all in this together. Let’s go manifest our destinies, or something. See you on the field.