Cultivate! Being Consistent Is Not The Same As Being Rigid

Cultivate! Being Consistent Is Not The Same As Being Rigid

I decided to take a week off from the blog this week.

Of course, then I found myself writing about that decision, and didn’t end up taking a week off at all.

When I decided to rebrand and rename this business The Consistent Creative, I found myself dreading what might be expected of me as a result. Will people expect me to always be on time, show up when I say I will, post regularly like it’s my religion? Am I expected to be the perfectly consistent, perfectly creative entrepreneur for everyone else?

But being consistent is not about being perfect. It’s not about being rigid.

Showing up no matter what, like it’s your religion, is not the same thing as consistency. Consistency is not dogmatic or robotic. Consistently showing up for yourself and your audience does not mean you pump out the exact same results every time you sit down.

Showing up consistently means being fully present with yourself and intentional in your actions.

It means you are being strategic, rather than continuously throwing spaghetti at the walls. Taking a week off doesn’t mean baking your house in marinara sauce. OK, I’m taking that metaphor too far.

What I mean is that when we show up with intention each day and week, and we create rituals and routines to show up for ourselves with consistency, we make decisions that are more aligned with what we genuinely need, we make space for creativity even when we are busy, and we stay balanced instead of burned out when it matters most.

And, ironically, what happens when we show up like that week after week is that, even when we decide to not hustle on our output one week because we are busy, habit might take us through the motions effortlessly anyway.

I sat down today, when I normally write for the blog, and without any effort or force, I accidentally wrote a blog post.

That’s the result of long-term consistency. But if this didn’t happen today, that would be okay too. Because being consistent has nothing to do with force and shame. Consistency is about being present in our work on a regular basis. Today, that resulted in an accidental blog entry. Another week, it might result in me consciously taking a week off.

But no matter what, it will result in me showing up for me, fully, every single day.

I keep showing up for the evolving, beautiful, creative, complex creature that is me, so that this beautiful creature can show up fully for everyone else. And that, in my humble opinion, is the key to living life well.

How can you show up more consistently for yourself this week?

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