Track! Three Apps That Will Uplevel Your Gratitude Attitude This Year

Track! Three Apps That Will Uplevel Your Gratitude Attitude This Year

Gratitude is a GAME CHANGER.

I’m sure you have already heard this. And on some basic level understand it. Of course being grateful helps you be more happy and focused on the positive. But gratitude is so much more than that. A daily gratitude practice has been shown in research to increase your resilience, sense of well-being, sleep quality, and much, much more.

I am going to start working on a blog about the science of gratitude for you all because this stuff is FASCINATING. So stay tuned.

The thing is, gratitude is one of those, sounds easy, but hard to implement self-care routines.

It sounds like, well okay, I’ll take note of things I’m grateful for every day. Easy peasy. Sure. Until your boss or a pesky client tells you the deadline for a project is a week sooner than you expected, and your kids all have stomach viruses and then YOU have a stomach virus and you blow a tire on the way to the doctor.

Okay, exaggeration. But the point is, gratitude is actually really hard work when life is throwing you curveballs. And that’s also when it’s most important to practice.

Fortunately, we have this nifty thing called technology, that can remind us to be grateful.

I reviewed in another app review an app that randomly reminds me to notice something beautiful several times a day, but I also like to write down three things I am grateful for before I go to bed each day. I am a pen and paper kind of person so I just keep a notebook by my bed and that’s worked for me, but I know many of you may have struggled to remember to do that (and I can’t lie, there are days I forget too).

So I thought I’d give three apps a whirl and give you a full reviews. All of these apps have the capacity to remind you at specific times to complete your gratitude practice, so you can set it and not-forget-it.

App 1: Gratitude Journal

Price: Free

Available on Itunes and Google Play

Gratitude Journal has a sleek and simple interface, which I love. When you create an entry, you can journal about what you are grateful for and add a photo too, if you want. The app also shares quotes on the main page, or you can set your own personal affirmation. You can set up to 3 alarms to remind you throughout the day.

My favorite part about this app is that you gain “streaks” for completing your practice every day. This gamifies the app and reinforces you as you build the habit of doing this every day. Once you have a really high streak, you really won’t want to break it by taking a day off. This psychological trick is fantastic at keeping you going. It’s the same trick my favorite habit tracking app, Habit Bull, uses (See my review for that here).

App 2: 365 Gratitude

Price: Free (Limited), or $5/m ($2.99/m when paid annually).

Available on Itunes and Google Play

If the first app I reviewed is simple, 365 is anything but. This app is much more detailed. Every day, it updates with a new quote, and about a page of writing on a certain topic. The idea is that you first rate your mood, then answer the prompts as you read through the paragraph, which is always very inspiring and uplifting.

Some of the unique elements of this app are that there is a community feature, where you can see what others are saying they are grateful for (you have the option of keeping your entries private, if you wish). You also have this gratitude jar where you can basically just drop in things you are grateful for, although I found this feature somewhat lacking.

This is a feature rich app, but the kicker is that you only get a few days of prompts before it just starts recycling them unless you buy the app. I think purchasing a membership might be a good option for someone who wants to foster a more in depth gratitude practice, or if you have a lot of trouble with gratitude because you are going through a stressful time in life. But the free version isn’t really worth it given that the daily prompts are such a major part of the app’s appeal.

App 3: Delightful – 3 Good Things

Price: Free

Available on Itunes and Google Play

Delightful is a super simple and easy to use app. The interface is incredible basic. For each entry, you are prompted to write down three things you are grateful for. That’s it! It gives you optional prompts to use for each of the items in case you are struggling that day to come up with three. I found the design lacking, as it only has a few color themes to choose from and no option to add photos to your entries.

But what it lacks in aesthetic appeal it regains several times over in ease of use. I like my habits to be simple, because otherwise I’m likely to forget to do them or make excuses on busy days. This app is so simple to use, it’s hard to come up with an excuse to stop for one minute and fill out your three things when the smiley face reminder appears at the top of the screen each day.

So which one is the best?

Honestly, all three of these apps are great, and it’s really a matter of what you need at this time. If you have a gut feeling that you will totally forget to do this and fall off the wagon unless it’s super easy to complete, go with Delightful. If you feel a little more diligent and want to personalize your entries, Gratitude Journal is great. Lastly, if you are willing to invest and want a fuller, richer experience that feels more like taking a gratitude course, 365 will be a good fit for you.

What app sounds best for you? What will you do this week to track your gratitude practice?

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