Track! Three Guided Writing Books That Will Help You Journal With Intention Every Day

Track! Three Guided Writing Books That Will Help You Journal With Intention Every Day

Do you want to start journaling every day, but find you have no idea what to journal about?

It’s well known that keeping a journal is a powerful habit to develop for greater insight, self-awareness, and clarity in your life.

But have you ever sat down to journal and found yourself staring at a blank page, with no idea what to write about?

I certainly have. While lately I free write in mine without prompts most days, I have found that there are phases of my life where my mind seems to dry up and it’s hard to get inspired. During these times, we can be tempted to quit writing and wait for the muse to return. But before you throw in the pen, there is a way to stay consistent with your journaling practice even when you don’t feel like you have much to say.

Today I’m going to review three guided journals that you can use on the off days (or, if you prefer – on ALL the days).

Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self Exploration by Meera Lee Patel

Use if: you are inspired by color and art and want to journal visually and verbally.

This is probably my favorite guided journal. Maybe I’m biased, because the watercolor theme reminds me a lot of my instagram feed, but I adore the images, motivational quotes, and helpful prompts in this book. Each page is bursting with inspiration. On some pages, it asks you to free write on a specific topic. On other days, it might ask you to sketch your responses out in unique ways. If you want a journal that helps you think creatively about your life, this is a great choice

I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal, by The Mindfulness Project

Use if: You want to journal and practice mindfulness at the same time

If you only have time to meditate or journal and don’t know which one to pick, consider doing both by getting this journal. The pages are filled with simple, black and white drawings and creative prompts that help you both write about your experiences and actively practice them through mindfulness exercises. One day you might be writing down the positive things that happened during the day as if they are news headlines, while the next you might be free drawing while focusing on your inhales and exhales. Every prompt is completely different which keeps he practice feeling fresh and fun.

5 Minute Journal (also available as an app!)

Use if: You want a structured prompt every morning and evening to help you journal and reflect twice a day.

I know many people who absolutely swear by the five minute journal. It provides three simple prompts every day, to help you develop gratitude, think ahead about how to make the day great, and state affirmations. It also includes two prompts for the evening to help you reflect on the day and think about what you could improve. There are inspiring quotes and challenges each week to keep your head in the game. This is the journal for you if you actually crave the repetition of responding to the same prompts every day, and want to focus on lists and affirmations rather than free writing, sketching, or experiential exercises. This journal may be simple and straightforward, but that is what makes it brilliant. It trains your brain to get into a grateful, intentional mindset, every single day.

Which of these journals are you drawn to the most? What is a powerful journal prompt you can use to kickstart your journaling practice this week?

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