Learn! How To Hire A Coach Without Breaking The Bank

Learn! How To Hire A Coach Without Breaking The Bank

When you have big goals, you also have big fears.

That’s just the way it goes. The bigger you dream, the more unknown territory you are looking at, and therefore more things to be afraid of.

And this is why a lot of people who decide to take massive action towards their goals run headfirst into the brick wall of their own mental resistance.

So you may have heard a coach can help with this. I’ve hired coaches at multiple points in my life for different reasons. There are a lot of reasons to hire a coach. Here’s a few:


Just knowing you have someone to report back to is powerful. We are social creatures. We naturally want to show up for each other, and in the beginning when we aren’t internally motivated this accountability factor helps us consistently show up for ourselves.


A lot of times a good coach has been through some of the same struggles that you are facing now. They are great guides because they have hard-won experience in the area you want to grow in.

Helpful frameworks:

Most coaches work off of models they learned while they were training to become coaches, and these models provide a framework that will help you organize your thoughts and track your growth.

The reality is, VIP coaching is not cheap. I say this as someone that offers VIP Coaching (it’s the Work With Asha tab at the top of the screen). Intensive, personalized, 1:1 video or in-person coaching with lots of follow up between the sessions is a powerful, transformative investment to make in yourself. I can speak from experience in saying that it can be a game changer. I’ve made the leap a few times on coaching packages, and I’ve never regretted it. I’m sure I will do it again in the future. That said, sometimes you just don’t have the time, the cash, the emotional readiness to lay down your credit card and make the big leap.

I don’t believe that when you are in this place you should be left high and dry to figure your shit out on your own.

That’s why I was so excited to find Coach.Me, a text-based habit coaching app. I had seen this app around but hadn’t paid much attention to it in the past. It’s a habit tracking app, and I was had a tracking app I was happy with. But one day I read a blog that mentioned the importance of hiring a coach on the app. I had completely overlooked one of the biggest features the app has: the ability to hire a real live coach to text with every day about your goal.

And the cost? As low as $15/week.


I was sold. Recently I went even further and became a coach on Coach.Me myself. Coaches, even those who already have significant training, all go through a digital coach certification program, so you can rest assured they are well versed in how to provide high quality coaching through text, and how to help clients gain momentum with their habits so they can reach their goals. And the cost? Some people get reverse sticker shock when they see it. Are these coaches even any good? Well, the cost is low for a very important reason.

Simply put: coaching should be accessible to EVERYONE.

You can find coaches on there for just about anything you can imagine. It’s a great way to explore the benefits of coaching without making a big investment right off the bat.

As someone who is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs not burn out in the pursuit of their dreams, I never want the price point to prevent someone from finding the nudge they need at those pivotal points in building a career. I know that feeling of fear heading into the unknown oh so well.

I’m glad I didn’t traverse through those periods of my life alone. You shouldn’t need to either.

If you want a recommendation, here’s a few coaches on there you can consider, depending on what you want to work on:

Fitness – getting to the gym more regularly, losing weight, improving mindset:

Leslie Brooks is an Atlanta based coach who helps “overscheduled women make time for self-care.” She is a highly reviewed and respected fitness coach. I am all about fitting in your self-care, and having a fitness coach on your team can give you the accountability boost you need to make it happen.

Work on your side hustle – write more content, work on a secret project

Side hustles are Tracey Minutolo’s sweet spot. This girl is hella consistent in her output (my kind of coach!) and she’s super smart too. If you are currently at a 9-5 and working on a side biz, she’s your girl to keep you on track.

Creativity Coaching– build creative habits, write or draw regularly, plan a creative project

Cherry Jeffs is a professional artist and creativity coach that can help you with your creative output and build your confidence around your creative endeavors. Some of her packages even allow you send her images of your creative projects for helpful critiques to help you hone your skills.

Productivity and creative habits – develop routines that support your growth

And of course, yours truly. If you’ve been reading my content or following me on the gram for a while you know my sweet spot is productivity and creative performance. I love helping creatives build morning routines and gratitude and joy-building habits, to foster a resilient mindset and reduce burnout.

If you are reading my blog, I can make a bet that you are concerned with one or more of these habits. You want to do more, feel more balanced, and be more creative. So head over to one of these coaches pages and give it a shot!

Where could you use more accountability in your life?

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