Cultivate! A Two Part Morning Ritual To Help You Start Each Day With Intention

Cultivate! A Two Part Morning Ritual To Help You Start Each Day With Intention

There seem to be two morning ritual camps.

The get high vibe camp.

And the get your shit together camp.

The former is all about meditation, visualization, yoga, manifestation, crystals, angel cards, and, I don’t know, all that high-vibe stuff that gets us feeling groovy.

The latter is all about priority lists, focus tasks, to-do lists, optimization, word counts, time-blocking, and project management.

These two camps – I find – don’t often play together. And sometimes, are downright not willing to get in the same sandbox.

I’m about to disrupt that.

Because I truly believe that BOTH are absolutely essential to how you start your day.

Mindset work can help us find flow and joy. But without any strategy, it puts us at risk of feeling more and more adrift and uncertain. We’re treading a lot of water, doing a lot of inner work, but we don’t have a roadmap to where we are actually trying to get to or a clear plan on how to get there.

Strategy, without any inner work, can get us organized AF. But without the mindset piece, we will quickly run headfirst into the realization that we are not robots, and that life is messy and impossible to predict. Our systems will inevitably fail at some point, and it will catch us off guard and leave us feeling depleted.

So if you want sustainable productivity, you need both.

You need a solid practice of inner work to create emotional resilience, and strategy and systems to help you keep your shit together and take actionable steps towards your goals.

Mindset + Strategy = Sustainability.

This is what my coaching is all about. I am passionate about helping my clients, students, and readers develop habits that are both high-vibe and massively actionable. 

So take a look at your mornings. Do you have a kickass meditation routine but feel lost the moment you sit down at your desk? Or do you rock your to-do list like a productivity ninja, but find yourself feeling completely stressed out as the day wears on? What can you add to your morning to balance things out?

Developing A Balanced Morning Ritual

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t prescribe one single morning routine. We’re all unique snowflakes and will benefit from different routines and rituals. BUT, if you don’t know where to start, I’ll tell you that my non-negotiables each morning are journaling and priority setting. I find that journaling helps me get in a grateful, courageous headspace, while my planning and priority setting helps me feel organized and clear-headed.

A Little Something To Help You Get Started

I put together a journal with guided prompts and strategic daily planner combo for you to help you develop your own two part morning ritual. One part mindset, one part strategy. Check it out and give it a try for one week. You might be surprised what an impact it makes to start every day inspired and intentional.

Do you tend to learn more on strategy or mindset in the morning? What can you add to your routine to balance that out?