Track! Intentional Productivity: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Track! Intentional Productivity: Setting Yourself Up For Success

I think productivity is a confusing word in some ways. The meaning of the word is pretty simple: get shit done fast. OK, the actual dictionary definition is something more like, “the rate of output per unit of input.” But, ya know, same thing.

But I think the place where we get confused is in the HOW.

How do we be productive? How do we increase our output per unit of input? Most of the productivity hacks out there are focused on immediate optimization. Get more shit done, today, at whatever cost. And while that is a great way to go about designing a computer, hyper-efficiency in a single area of output is not what the human body was built for.

So why do we hack our minds as if they are made of 1s and 0s, when we know from basic neuroscience that our brains are made up of a gazillion neurons interacting in such complex patterns that we may not ever be able to use our mind to fully understand our own mind?  (Wrap your head around that for a moment. Or don’t. Because you can’t.)

I think that being consistent in our productivity requires a different, more holistic, multi-faceted approach.

Being productive is about being intentional.

It’s about honoring the delicate balance of dedication and flexibility that helps us thrive. It’s about expanding our definition of success to include all the many values we hold dear in life. And this requires
looking ahead at our days, weeks, and months in a deliberative, clear-headed manner.

So if you have big goals for this week, let’s take an inventory of the whole you.

Can you time block both your relaxation and your output? Or track not only the words per minute (or whatever it is, {insert here} the form of creative output that applies to your work), but also the amount of water you are drinking, the amount of sleep you are getting, the amount of times you put a tip in the barista’s jar at the coffee shop, or smile at a stranger, or hug a friend?

Can you ask yourself the big questions you need to ask, not only about why you want to achieve this specific goal you have in front of you, but also about the type of person you want to be while you do it?

We need to change the way we think about productivity.

Rather than thinking of your productivity in a serial processing, robotic, 1s and 0s kind of way, 
can you think of yourself as a wheel, that only moves effectively if all the spokes are equally weighted? Your health, your passions, your relationships, and yes, your creative output too?

This week I’ve put together a productivity printable pack to help you develop an intentional way of planning your week.

It combines my time blocking printable with two new printables for you to add to your planner. One, a weekly intention setting guide, to help you set yourself up for success each week in every domain of your life by helping you ask yourself better questions about how you want to show up. And two, a self-care tracker, to help you take an inventory of your physical, social, and emotional health each day.


What will help you approach this week with intention? What areas of your wheel need more attention in order to move the whole you forward?

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