Learn! Why The Worst Decision Is No Decision: Overcoming Indecisiveness and Decision Fatigue

Learn! Why The Worst Decision Is No Decision: Overcoming Indecisiveness and Decision Fatigue

We make a decision, many in fact, every single day.

But it is really common to have no idea what the “right” decision is.

Do I stay at my job, or jump into full time entrepreneurship?

Do I start an online course, or work with people one on one?

Should I spend, or invest?

Should I get my work done early in the morning, or when I feel more energized later on?

Have you been there?

Of course you have. You are human.

If you are feeling indecisive right now about any decision you are trying to make, I’m going to try to tear down for you the idea that you need to wait until you are sure what the “right” decision is.

The reality is, after you’ve done the work of weighing the pros and cons, the only wrong decision is no decision at all.

Indecisiveness And It’s Consequenes

Science backs up what we already know about indecisiveness (here’s an article on it, if you want to nerd out). Indecision leads to procrastination, neuroticism, anxiety, worry, difficulty concentrating on other tasks. Research also shows that it actually is positively correlated with impulsivity. That means that staying in indecisiveness leads to sudden impulsive actions that are not really decisions at all, and certainly not what you intended to do. 

This is like if you can’t decide whether or not to leave your job and then just start losing it with your coworkers or boss. Your inability to make a decision is leading you to act impulsively and purely out of anxiety and frustration.

Not good. Staying in the indecision is perhaps the worst thing you can do. It’s a surefire way to burn out, and fast.

Taking Your Time Is Not Indecisiveness

This all doesn’t mean you should start making immediate gut decisions about everything. Weighing out the pros and cons, reflecting on your values and goals, discussing your options with people you care about and trust, “sleeping on it” so you can make the decision from a clear-headed place – this is all healthy and worthwhile.

But if you stay in the indecision beyond that because you just aren’t sure what the right decision is – now you are in the danger zone.

A Radical Idea To Consider

There is no right decision.

Why? Because we honestly don’t know what the future holds. It is impossible to know the outcome until, of course, we MAKE the decision.

The only wrong decision, is staying indecisive.

So if you are there, if you are in the indecisiveness in any area of your life, I want you to know that everything you are feeling makes sense.

And I want to encourage you to take a deep breath, and make a choice. Your long-term health and emotional sanity are more important than reaching for the elusive “perfect” choice.

What decision do you need to make today to free your mind from indecision?