Learn! How To Develop A Morning Routine And Actually Stick To It

Learn! How To Develop A Morning Routine And Actually Stick To It

One of the common denominators that seems to appear across the board for a wide range of high performers is dedication to a morning routine.

Competitive athletes, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, prolific writers, all speak about the rituals that lead them into each day. They say that the way your morning goes is the way your day will go. So
starting the day out by putting your best foot forward is common sense.

That said, if you’ve ever tried one of the morning routine formulas you picked up after overhearing it on a podcast or reading it in a book, you might have had a similar response to the one I’ve had:

“Do these people even work? Must be nice to be able to lounge around meditating, doing yoga, and living your best life all morning, and not commuting to your desk job before sunrise, or trying to
keep your toddler in one piece before carting them off to preschool.”

If you’ve struggled to keep a consistent routine, but you are tired of waking up with 100 tabs already open in a brain, here are a few tips to help you take back your morning, once and for all.

Make Your Routine Uniquely Yours

One of the problems with rigidly following a morning routine formula is that the person who wrote that formula is not you. Simple enough, right? Sure, there might be research to support all sorts of morning practices, from mindfulness to running to visualization to journaling to green smoothies. But there is only one you, and first thing in the morning, you need to do what you need most. Choose activities that you are passionate about, have benefited from in the past, or feel deeply motivated to do.

Make Your Routine Holistic

I encourage my clients to develop a three-part routine, that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. See my previous post for more on my three-part system. But as for what a body-based activity entails, this is different for everyone. Some people like working out in the morning, while others prefer to do that in the afternoon. Think of body-based activities as engaging the senses. That can be through mindfully drinking a cup of coffee or tea, taking a shower, or stretching. For the mind, it could be anything from
reciting a mantra to journaling to reading a poem. For the spirit, it could be meditation, or prayer, or pretty much anything that makes you feel more connected to yourself and the world. Be flexible, and decide on activities that work best for you. There really is no one size fits all when it comes to morning routines.

Make Your Routine Simple

In order to gain momentum with any new habit, keeping it simple and easy to follow is key. If your gut tells you that a one hour routine will not be sustainable, make the minimum 15-20 minutes, and go from there. You may also consider doing your routine in the same place every day. I have a meditation table where I sit down and do all three aspects of my personal daily routine: after I light a few candles, I do some gentle stretching, journaling, and meditation.  It takes only half an hour, but it leaves me feeling uplifted and ready to go every time. Having a set place and time for my routine has helped me complete my routine every day for well over a year now.

Start The Day The Way You Want To Feel

The first hour of the day sets the stage for how you will feel, your energy, your motivation, your resilience, and your overall sense of wellbeing. As you put together a routine, think about how you want to feel each day, and work that emotion into your routine. If you want to feel excited or joyful or level-headed – do something in the morning that fosters that desired emotion. I like feeling grounded and confident, so I have chosen practices that cultivate those emotions in me.

Remember, there are countless routines and self-care products out there, and plenty of personal development advice to be found in our ever-connected and rapidly advancing world. But there is only one you. I truly believe that keeping a consistent morning routine is more powerful and transformative over time than bouncing around from one life hack to another. If you put thought and intention into creating your own daily ritual, you will feel more ownership of it, be more motivated to do it, and therefore be more likely to sustain it over time.

Start each day on your own terms, and the rest of your life will follow suit.

Do you have the morning routine workbook yet? It will walk you through every step of the process of designing your own perfect-for-you morning routine to raise your vibration every single day. If you want to create a routine that actually lasts, you’ll want to pick this up to get started!


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