Learn! What I Learned From Taking A Whole Bunch of Personality Tests

Learn! What I Learned From Taking A Whole Bunch of Personality Tests

At the end of December, I made a bold, sort of scary but entirely intentional decision… to take a break.

I haven’t really blogged or been active on social media so far in 2020. I’m not ghosting. I’m… incubating.

Because the reality is, if I’m not practicing what I preach, I can’t coach you and show up for you fully either. And I’ve been feeling, well, kind of burned out, not in my coaching, but in other aspects of my professional life. So I took a big bold step back, to refuel and reevaluate.

So what have I been doing as I take a break? Well, mostly the same stuff I always do. Meditating, journaling, having my cozy morning routine, coaching my 1:1 clients, going to yoga, attending networking events, all that jazz.

And…  taking a TON of personality tests.

So, as I take a moment to come up to the surface and see what’s going on with the wide world inter webs, I thought I might share what I’ve learned as I did a deep dive into ME.

Here are the tests I’ve taken so far. Some are free, others aren’t, but they have all been very interesting and helpful.

Please note, the links provided are not the only versions of the test. Wherever possible, I provided a free version, but if you find the test interesting, you are much more likely to get accurate results with a paid version that provides a comprehensive report.


I had taken this test many moons ago, but it was fun to retake it and see that I don’t really change much over time, even as circumstances change in my life. I’m a proud INFJ, a very rare type. Knowing my MBTI type helps me with self-awareness and energy maintenance.

What is it? Four letters that stand for four dimensions of being:

  • Introverted (I) – Extroverted (E)
  • Intuitive (N) – Sensing (S)
  • Feeling (F) – Thinking (T)
  • Perceptive (P) – Judging (J)

All of these are continuums, not categories, which I find incredibly helpful. As an example, my partner and I are both INFJs, but he is almost in the middle of the introversion-extroversion scale (i.e. an ambivert), while I am all the way on the extreme side of introversion (i.e. hella love my alone time).

How it will help you: Understand how to manage your energy, develop deeper self-awareness

Take it free here.


This might rustle some feathers, but I’m a little more skeptical of the enneagram than I am of the MBTI, mainly because I’ve gotten several different answers on it over time. But, that said, it’s an interesting way to learn more about what motivates you. I’m usually a Type 3, the Achiever, a success oriented type.

What is it? Nine basic types to describe how and why you are driven. You can have one type alone or a dominant type with a “wing.”

How it will help you: Understand what motivates you, building complementary partnerships and relationships to balance out your strengths and weaknesses.

Take it free here.


I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Fields, host of the Good Life Project, a podcast that is both wholesome and deeply thought provoking. So when Fields came out with a personality test of his own, I said – sign me up. My only criticism of this test is the claim that you only have one dominant type; I greatly prefer continuums to categories. But all the same, this test is great. I’m a maven maker, meaning that what lights me up most is learning and studying (no surprises there, Dr. Asha, the professional student), and my shadow type, making things, helps me stay in learning mode as often as possible.

What is it? 10 archetypes that help you understand the styles of working that light you up the most, so you can design a life and career that is flowing and deeply enjoyable. You have one primary type, and a shadow type – the shadow is not your dark side, but the supportive shadow work that you do in order to stay as much as possible in your preferred mode of being.

How it will help you: Develop a new way of relating to your work to overcome burnout, OR pivot your career with intention and develop a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your work.

Take it free here.

Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

This test is a big league personality test, used at many large organizations for personal development and hiring purposes. I am C-D or red-yellow: holistic, focused on integration, interpersonally motivated, with an appreciation for being in my body and fully experiencing my emotions. Under pressure, I become less emotional and slightly more logical (A-type).

What is it? Four brain types that express different ways of thinking and relating to the world. Blue (A) is logical and mathematical, Green (B) is organized and sequential, Red (C) is relational and emotional, and Yellow (D) is  imaginative and holistic.

How it will help you? The HBDI can help you determine if you are on the right track career wise (are the skills I do day to day engaging the right areas of my brain?) and it can help you relate and understand others. It is used in organizations so coworkers can understand each other in the context of how they think.

Learn more here (this one’s not free).

VIA Character Strengths Test

The character strengths test helps you understand your core strengths, so you can build a life around those strengths and strengthen areas of your character that are more neglected. My core strengths fall under the umbrella of transcendence, with my number one strength being the appreciation of beauty and excellence.

What is it? 24 character traits that fall under larger categories called “virtues.” These virtues are wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. This test is more fluid than others, in that you can use it to help you strengthen your character where you are weakest, but it also encourages you to engage in the world in a way that emphasizes the strengths you already have.

How it will help you? If you feel like you just can’t get where you want to go, or you find yourself getting down on yourself a lot, this will help you reframe all that, so you can see that you DO have strengths and that you can approach your life in a way that puts those strengths to good use.

Take it free here.

The journey of self discovery continues…

So there you have it! These are the personality tests that I took at the start of the year. As I continue on this journey of self discovery, I’ll be looking for more tests to take… and who knows, maybe I’ll even train in a few so that I can offer this in my coaching packages. Did I miss an awesome personality test here? Comment below or send me an email and let me know!

How will you get to know yourself better this week?