Plan! Three Physical Planners You’ll Love Using in 2020

Plan! Three Physical Planners You’ll Love Using in 2020

As the year winds down, it’s time to drink egg nog, watch fireworks, and PLAN FOR 2020.

I am a hybrid planner. I rely both on digital project management tools (see my post on three great platforms to choose from for this) and my physical planner. For the past two years, I have been completely hooked on the Happy Planner – a bare bones insanely customizable planner with a cult following. The Happy Planner has been everything a highly organized and particular human being like me loves – I can decide on what I want included, create my own inserts when I can’t find the perfect tracker or guide, and decorate as I please with stickers galore.

But I wanted to test out a few other planners this year and see what else is available. Here are three planner options that you might consider to make 2020 your best year yet.

The Desire Map Planner by Danielle Laporte

This planner is the queen bee if you want your planner to be equal parts organization and inspiration, or as Danielle would say, “put your soul next to your to-do list.” It’s full of quotes, intention setting check ins, and soulful reminders. Probably my favorite thing about this planner is that the corners tear off to save your spot in the planner, and each corner has a different motivational word on it. If you collect them throughout the year you’ll have a beautiful jar of words. I draw on mine almost like a tarot deck: what word do I need today? It’s been a lot of fun. It’s not customizable, which is a drawback for me. But as for design… I don’t think anything tops the attention to detail Danielle puts into this planner. It’s a great choice all around for 2020.

Get a Desire Map Planner Here

Golden Coil

An instagram follower popped into my DM with this one, and told me that it is her go to every year because of how customizable it is. Unlike the Happy Planner, this isn’t DIY customizable – it’s the luxe treatment. You design it in the cart, from cover to cover. This made my detail-oriented heart squeal with joy. You can also upload your own inserts if you don’t find what you need (on this note, if you haven’t discovered the world of planner inserts available on Etsy yet… thank me later). Once you complete your planner, it doesn’t look like you can switch things out like you can with the Happy Planner, which is the only drawback for me. But yeah, it’s gorgeous and totally worth a peek, or even a year or more of your time.

Get a Golden Coil here.

Passion Planner

The question of planners for 2020 came up in one of my entrepreneurial circles recently and the room resounded with cheering for the Passion Planner. This planner has all the things I adore in one place. Holistic goal planning, reminders to set aside time for reflection, and passion roadmapping to help you be the most heart-centered ambitionista you can be. It’s got a beautiful cover, and rather than coil bound like the other two planners, this is a hardbound faux leather. That’s actually the drawback for me, as I like to flip open to the current week so my to-do list is right in front of me throughout the day, but it is a much more sleek and classy looking cover, in my humble opinion.

Get a Passion Planner here.

So what did I go with?

Well, after all my shopping around, I actually decided to stick with the Happy Planner this year. I did switch to a new layout – I was using the vertical layout before which is very sparse, and I decided I could use more structure, so I went with a daily dashboard style. But other than that, it’s the Happy Planner, and, well, it makes me happy. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What is your favorite planner?