Plan! Vision Boards Are For Everyone: How To Create A Vision Board That Actually Works

Plan! Vision Boards Are For Everyone: How To Create A Vision Board That Actually Works

On a scale of 1-10, I’ve always been about a 7 on the woo-woo out-there scale (I totally made that scale up, by the way, but it should be a thing). Kelvin, my boyfriend, is about a 3. So you can imagine his face as I explained to him, pointing to my laptop screen, “This is a picture of me laying in a jacuzzi by the ocean in Bali, and this is me exploring Japan during cherry blossom season, and this is an actual photo of a beautiful high rise apartment in San Francisco with floor to ceiling windows.”

Yes, I recently changed the wallpaper on my laptop to be my current vision board. That happened.

So here I am, finding myself arguing a rather thorough and emphatic defense of vision boards to him. Which I expected to lead to a small grin and shake of the head, and some teasing sarcastic remark about how aligned my chakras must be today. Instead, he nodded and just said, “So… it’s like a habit cue.”

My God. He must listen to me ramble on about habits a whole hell of a lot.


And yes. It is EXACTLY like a habit cue. Meaning it primes your brain to think and act a certain way. 

Lights, Camera, Manifest! (Sort of).

So no matter where you fall on the woo-woo spectrum, vision board are something for you to consider. Both as a motivational cue for productivity, and as a means of reorienting towards your “why” when you stumble in your action plans or lose sight of your goals.

Here's why.

Everything around us is a cue. Our environment, music, people we surround ourselves with, songs that come on the radio – we are constantly making associations in our brains and are almost frustratingly well-wired to respond automatically depending on what those associations are. That’s why when we play a Youtube video and click a suggested video at the end once, we quickly find ourselves in the dark pit that is a youtube binge (you know you’ve been there).


So we should be intentional about what our cues are. It’s why I think having a desk that is intentionally and carefully put together is so important, and why having a morning routine is a quick and easy way to set your mind up for success each day.

Having a vision board is a way of creating direct associations in your mind between your actions in this moment and where you want to be in a future moment.

Done correctly, it is a powerful tool to continue to reorient you back to why you care about what you are doing in the moment and remember what you are working towards. If you put it in a place you see often, like right on your desk (or your desktop wallpaper!) you will have an simple cue to gently return you back from those endless funny cat videos to the creative task at hand, again and again. And yes, if you are higher on the made up woo-woo scale, it’s you know, helping you align with the energy of the Universe to manifest a bunch of epic shit. But you don’t HAVE to buy that to be into vision boards. It’s useful at all levels of woo.  Capiche?

But here’s the thing.

There is a right way, and a not-so-right way, to create a vision board.

So whether you are a newbie to vision boards, or you have a giant one pasted to the ceiling above your bed, there are some important DO’s and DON’T’s to consider in putting together a vision board.

For example, you want your vision board to motivate you, not make you jealous.

Make you feel abundant, not lacking.


Foster creativity, not stifle it.

So pay attention to how you feel as you put your board together!

I’ve put together an awesome freebie this week to help you create a vision board that makes you feel EXCITED, rather than making you feel anxious. You definitely want to get this if you want to avoid the common pitfalls I see people make in putting together their vision board. The Vision Board Guide also has instructions for three easy methods to choose from for how to put together your vision board.

So what do you say, skeptics? Did I convince you? What are you going to put on your vision board this year?

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