Welcome To Habit Hatch!

Welcome To Habit Hatch!

Hey there. Looks like you’ve found your way to Habit Hatch. I’m so glad you are here!

Habit Hatch is your one stop shop to get all the tips, hacks, tools, and motivation you need to form ROCK SOLID habits, routines, and rituals in your daily life.

I’m Asha, and I’ll be your guide on this habit hatching journey. I’m a psychologist, habit coach, self-professed behavioral science geek, and an all around passionate and enthusiastic human. I am here to bring you the perfect balance of science and ass kicking to satisfy both hemispheres of your brain. Because knowing WHY things work satisfies the left side of our brain, and getting the creative motivated juices flowing satisfies the right. All brain hemispheres green = forming intentional, sustainable, values-driven habits.

Why habits?

Habits are the patterns that we all develop from Day 1 as humans, but we frequently take them for granted. Knowing how to drive a car or ride a bike is a series of habits all strung together seamlessly. Habits are happening automatically all day every day. They help us move through our day without having to analyze every little thing. The problem is, sometimes the habits are running us rather than us running the habits. Procrastination, binge eating, Instagram feed scrolling, sleeping in, skipping self-care routines for Pringles and Netflix… Habits are sneaky little beasts. The thing is, since our brain is wired for habits, we can turn the tables and USE habits rather than letting habits use us. This has the potential to change EVERYTHING. Automate the things that matter most, and you’ll open  your body and mind up to a wealth of physical and mental energy that you can use any way you damn please. In other words, habits give us the power to ELEVATE in every area of our lives.

Why hatching?

When you put your self-care, morning rituals, productivity, and all the other things that matter to you on auto-pilot, you create the ideal conditions to grow at an exponential rate in your life. You create an environment where you can, well, HATCH. You will likely find that once you have a strong set of routines in place, your life will start to take flight, and you’ll be able to invest more mental and physical energy into realizing your dreams. Get the details right on the foundation, and you can go as high as you want to go.

Get ready!

I’ve got a lot of great content brewing backstage, and soon I’ll start posting on this blog to bring you tips and tricks in three different areas. First, I’ll demystify the science on habits and break things down for you so you can fully apply what we know so far about that fancy organ between our ears to your day to day life. Second, I’ll be sharing a healthy dose of motivational cheerleading, and third, I’ll occasionally review products, gadgets, and apps that will help you stay on track. Sign up for my list and you’ll get notified for every new post. Also, follow me on instagram (@ashabauer) for even more motivation, ideas, and exercises to get you going.

What habit do you want to get started with today? There’s no better time than right now.

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